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Welcome to MashzoCoDesign. We are a small family business, With a interest in making and selling crafts, We thrive on brightening up peoples day and knowing we have made a small difference and helping others with their supplies when needed.

Memorial Candle/Christening Candle

Look at our personalised Memorial candles

These are made of soy wax candles (which we have them made to order so please allow time for us to receive)

These are perfect for a gift or just a keepsake. We can even do memorial candles for your beloved fur babies and even christening Candles.

These candles are 16cm Tall


Grow Your Vision

Our Vision as a small business is to enrich our community with gifts and Personalised good's. 

Allan, VIC

T Shirt printing

"We love them. Thank you very much.
I'll be telling all my tradie mates about you Aswell."

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Cranbourne North, Melbourne Victoria, Australia 

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